Chad United Technology

For a 100% ecological Africa

Chad United Technology : The reliable partner


Chad United Technology

  • Chad United Technology is a company specialized in technical research and for subterranean excavation and in renewable energy. Founded on ecological bases, Chad United Technology highlights the fruits of his collaborations with european companies and industries in particular German companies. These collaborations offer Chad United Technology advanced technology and this allows to place it among the leaders in the subregion.
  • Chad United Technology une entreprise qui opère dans de nombreux secteurs ; son dévouement et ses compétences établissent de nouveaux standards dans la technologie environnementale innovante.
  • Implementing the future's technology in today intelligent solutions, is the object Chad United Technology has set. In collaboration with its international partners, Chad United Technology develops innovative and sustainable solutions to environmental realities.
  • Chad United Technology presents 3 innovative projects in the sectors of environment that promotes the ecosystem preservation:

    1. GeoSPIRS for subterranean excavations and research
    2. Green Technologies
    3. Prepaid electric meters

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